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Malhar 2019 - Registration is Open Now!. DAY 1- May 4th: Spelling Bee, Elocution, Poetry Writing, Instrumental Music, Drawing/Painting, Solo Singing Indian Classical, Solo Singing Indian Non-Classical, Solo Singing Western. DAY 2- May 11th: Solo Dance Indian Classical. Grand Finale/DAY 3- Jun 1st: Group Dances- Indian Classical and Indian Non-Classical, Prize Distributions. Registrations are on first come basis, do not wait- register now!. E-mail for questions.
Malhar Update: April 25th is the last date to register for Day 1 and Day 2 competitions. We will close the registration as soon as we reach the maximum capacity in that category/age group.
THAIKKUDAM BRIDGE Live in Boston on July 12th Sit tight for more details! View Details
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Terms & Conditions

General Rules

  • You agree that the information you provided in the form is true to the best of your knowledge.
  • You understand that any error in the form data might result in disqualification/cancellation of your registration.
  • For Sulekha Payments Only: You agree that the order number provided is a valid one and is not used before.
  • You undertand that registration is confirmed only when you pay the registration fee. Your registration will be kept on waiting list until payment is made.
  • For Sulekha Payments Only: You understand that submitting this form(even with a valid order number) doesn't confirm your registration. We(KANE) will review your submission and will get back to you in 12 hours for any errros or missing information.
  • You agree that you read the rules, regulations and other judging criterias for the competition event and will abide with those rules.
  • You understand that the contestant should show up at the front desk between the check-in window on the event date to check-in and collect contestant badge. Any no show will be considered as contestant absent.
  • You understand that registration fee paid is non-refundable, non-transferrable in any and all situations**.
  • You understand that registration fee covers the admission of just the contestant(s). Any accompanying parents, friends or guests have to buy general admission ticket(s).
  • You understand that violation of any of the above rules will disqualify your registration.

Cancellation Policy

  • While registration fee once paid is non-refundable, we will consider exceptional cases** when it comes to a refund request, following is our cancellation policy:
    • If event doesn't happen because of any issues from organizer's side, we will refund your registration fees.
    • If you request a cancellation within 24 hrs from you register, we will refund you 90% of the registration fee you paid.
    • If you request a cancellation after 24 hrs from you register and before the registration end date for that event/competition, we will refund you 50% of the registration fee paid.
    • No cancellation/refund request will be considered once the registraton for that event/competition is closed. 

Privacy Rules

  • It is our fundamental policy that we will not share your contact information or any other personal information with any agency or outsider. 
  • We might use your contact information to invite you or to send you Malhar related updates in the future. We will not use it for any other purpose
  • You also agree to not share the information we exchange with you via phone or e-mail or in any other manner.
  • You understand that violation of any of the above rules will disqualify your registration.

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