New England Badminton Championship 2018 on Dec 1st, 2nd & 8th.
Kerala Flood Relief Fund Update: We donated the entire amount we collected to the Kerala Chief Ministers DR Fund View Receipts KANE Badminton Tournament on Dec 1st, 2nd and 8th.View Details. Win cash prizes worth $700. Last date to register is Nov 20th, 2018. Contact for details or to register. KANE Christmas & New Year Party on Saturday, Dec 22nd from 3pm onwards. Contact for details.
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KANE Diwali Party Save the date: November 3rd, 2018  From 5pm to 9pm Venue: 41 Brook St, Framingham, MA 01701 For questions, e-mail:
Date :  2018-11-03

KANE offcials are nominated, elected and announced at the business meeting during the ONAM celebration every year. The officials take charge of the office the first day of October and their tenure ends on the last day of September of the following year. The officials comprised of distinguished leaders who have a keen interest in making a difference and building KANE a better place for the New England Malayalees to come together, to celebrate, to share, to exchange, and to renew our friendship. The Board of Directors work closely with Executive Committee to deliver positive outcomes for program constituents, bring new and expanded resources to the organization and deploy sound governance practices that are aimed to fulfill the mission of the KANE. If you are interested in joining the KANE official board, please become a member today. We invite talents and visionaries, irrespective of the color, creed, caste and gender. 

Board of Directors

Board of Directors is the main governing body of elected or appointed members who jointly oversee the activities of KANE. This board members governs KANE by establishing broad policies and objectives.

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Executive Committee

Executive Committee is a subcommittee which has well defined executive powers usually spelled out in the charter and by-laws of KANE, and which meets frequently to manage the affairs and further the purposes of KANE and its operations. KANE's Board of Directors is part of executive committee.

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Arts Committee

Arts Committee  is a committee on Arts and Culture which shall concern itself with the encouragement of arts, culture and creativity, including cultural development, humanities, performing arts, visual arts, film and film making, music etc. The mission of this committee is to  foster the creative environment and reputation of KANE, by motivating and training KANE  members to perform and participate in public art, arts events, festivals and competition. KATADI is a social club for aspiring and amateur talents with in KANE.

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KANE Junior

KANE Junior is a youth led organization created to get everyone involved in today's society. To communicate and to experience the future. Kane Jr. is run under the Kerala Association of New England, a  non-profit organization for the people of Kerala Origin. The mission of this group is to nurture cultural values and promote talents and opportunities. They are our future, leaders in making.

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KANE invites you to join our common mission to enrich culture and traditional values.Our primary goal is to come together, celebrate together, share together and renew our friendship apart from cast and creed with benevolence and positive attitude. Click JOIN to join KANE.

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Do you want to help KANE in it's mission to serve the society – but don’t know where to start? Click DONATE and make your contribution. Each of our individual contributions is magnified when we all join together. We sincerely thank you for your support.

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